Parkland CrossFit – WOD 

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Kenny Warden Coach/Owner 49 East First Street, Farmington, MO 63640 573-760-1248


Skill: 3 Position Snatch 7×1

Wod: 2 Mile run for time
Post time to comments!

Seriously, I’m not asking, I’m telling you, post your #’s! Quit being lazy, and tell everyone what you did and or what you think. Yes its important! You can even bitch if you want, you’ll probably get made fun of but its your post do as you wish!

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20 Comments  comments 

20 Responses

  1. Dan F

    21:46 on the two mile run
    145# on the 3 position felt light but started feeling pain in lower abdomen.
    My core needs focused work.

  2. Rob

    2 mile run:

  3. Mitchell

    Options are limited
    1/2 mile run around Benton park
    100 kb snatch 55# anyhow
    1:2 mile run

    I need more barbell in my life

  4. Shanna

    @Crossfit Impetus
    5×5 pendlay row 95#
    5×5 bench 65#

    4 rounds for time
    400m run
    10 clean and jerk 65#
    7 pullups

    18:53….Muy Caliente!!!!
    I’ll never complain about Missouri heat again!!!

  5. Kurt

    @Crossfit Impetus
    5×5 Pendlay Row 135#
    5×5 Bench Press 165#

    4 rnds for time
    400m run
    10 clean and jerk 135#
    2 20ft rope climbs

    20:15 in the searing Mexican Heat

  6. Travis

    120# 3 pos snatch
    14:30 2 mile

  7. Jon B

    125# 3 position snatch
    18:10 for the 2 mile run

  8. Luke

    13:17 2 mile run
    135# 3 position snatch

    My bitch for the day is that there was a cat on the side walk that wouldn’t move during my run. He just sat there staring at me like some stuck up a-hole. FML pm me for more details